Contemporary Chinese Artist Chai Xiaogang Oil Painting Art Appreciation — Floating Lives

Artist Chai Xiaogang Symbolism Oil Painting Work Appreciation – Floating Lives

Painting Title: Floating Lives

Artist: Chai Xiaogang (China)

Painting Size: 130*97m

Media: Oil on Canvas

Creation Time: 1993

Since former half of the 1990s, characters been wrapped in multi-layers appeared frequently in artist Chai Xiaogang’s oil painting works, these characters seemed to fly in the sky or swim in the sea freely, but can not get rid of the embarrassment status that itself was been astricted heavily, and the same time they need to absorb ‘nutrition’ from the outside constantly, otherwise it is difficult to survive.

This series of oil painting works, is a type of reveal of the illogical and paradox-style existence status of contemporary people (mostly refer to the intellectuals) – although they desired to metaphysical self-sufficient survival, but because of badger with various secular, mediocre even disgraced entanglements, they can not throw these tangles away simply, the only thing they can do is try their best to survive difficultly and perplexedly under the huge contrast between dreams and reality.

About Artist Chai Xiaogang:

Mr. Chai Xiaogang, who was born in 1962 in Guanyun, Jiangsu, China. and graduated from the oil painting speciality of Fine Arts department at the Nanjing Art Institute in 1985.

As one of famous oil painting artists in China and representative figure of the’85 New Art Movement in China. Artist Chai Xiaogang has published more than one hundred works in professional art magazines around the world, including China Art, Art Field in China, Artist, Lion Art, and Collection in Taiwan and Collectors in Hong Kong.

Artist Chai Xiaogang was also featured in Jiangsu Illustrated, Art Literature, and Hong Kong’s Chinese Artifacts. His works have been collected by individuals and art institutions around the world. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting in 1985.

Main Exhibitions:

1984 – Six Men Oil Painting Show (Nanjing);

1985 – Jiangsu Youth Week – Big Modern Art Exhibition;

1986 – China 1985 New-tide Large Magic Lantern Itineracy Exhibition (Zhuhai);

1989 – China Modern Art Exhibition (Beijing);

1993 – After-China New Art Show (Hong Kong)


* Original resource: Contemporary Chinese Artist Chai Xiaogang Oil Painting Art Appreciation — Floating Lives

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