Contemporary Chinese Artist Chen Wenji Oil Painting Art Appreciation — Blue Sky, Grey Environment

Artist Chen Wenji Still Life Oil Painting Work Appreciation – Blue Sky, Grey Environment

Painting Title: Blue Sky, Grey Environment

Artist: Chen Wenji (China)

Painting Size: 100*140cm

Media: Oil on Canvas

Creation Time: 1986

In contrast with the mainstream of most of Chinese contemporary oil painting artists who keen to perform figures and social themes, artist Chen Wenji repeated performing the lifeless material world. Specifically, most of paintings created by Chen Wenji are still life, buildings, industrial pipes, artifacts, geometric shapes, light and shadow. With these pure painting productions, Chen Wenji suspended human’s social life, and the high degree painting features and technical make the reality objects in his paintings showing abstract affect. Maybe you can not grasp the concept at the frist glance, but you can appreciate it gradually .

Chen Wenji’s art style is lack of postive participation to the social trends of the past three decades in China, as if he was living in the world of his personal imagination, and remains unchanged all along. Artist Chen Wenji’s art style is very independent and with distinct personal touches. He is not always a voluntarily recluse, in a sense, he is a evader of a variety of idea trends and activities.

Artist Chen Wenji was like to reconstruct the self of art in a strange space, and interact with the environment, and the same time to enjoy experimental challenges during in the creative process, to reflect the individual freedom as far as possible in the experiment. As if in the limited real world, run alternately in two diametrically opposite states of “passive” and “active”, and the same time completed the series of changes on his art objectively.

Occasionally you can caught his child-like fun and innocent sights flashed out from the eyes, through his adult helpless face to meet with you.

About Artist Chen Wenji:

Mr. Chen Wenji, who was born in April 11, 1954 and now is living in Shanghai, China.

Brief Career:

1978: Graduated from the Print Department at the Central Fine Arts College, and then acted as a teacher in the college. Now he is acting as a associate professor at the Fresco department of the Central Fine Arts College.
1987: One of his oil painting works been selected to participate the 1st China Oil Painting Exhibition;
1989: Participated the China Modern Art Exhibition and the 7th National Art Exhibition;
1991: One of his oil painting works been selected to participate the China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition;
1993: Participated in the ‘Juxiang’ Oil Painting Exhibition and the 93’ China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition;
1994: Participated in the ‘Power of Lines – New York, Beijing and Hong Kong’ Exhibition;
1995: Participated in the Central Art College – Paris High Grade Acadimies Print Communication Exhibition and Contemporary China Oil Painting Exhibition;
1996: Participated in the Repeat • Start – 96 Oil Painting Exhibition;
2000: Oil painting work “Light Pass Away” was been selected to participate the 20th century China Oil Painting Exhibition

– Oil painting work “Blue Sky, Grey Environment” was rewarded the Excellent prize at the 1st China Oil Painting Exhibition; and rewarded the silver prize at the China Oil Painting Exhibition in 1993;
– Print work “Chairs, Stoves” was collected by The Big Britin Museum


“Chen Wenji Body Oil Paintings” (1987, Sichuan Renmei Press)

* Original resource: Contemporary Chinese Artist Chen Wenji Oil Painting Art Appreciation — Blue Sky, Grey Environment

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