Contemporary Chinese Artist Wang Hui Oil Painting Art Appreciation — A Moonlit Night On The Spring River

Artist Wang Hui Romantic Realism Oil Painting Work – A Moonlit Night On The Spring River

Painting Title: A Moonlit Night On The Spring River

Artist: Wang Hui (China)

Painting Size: 120*105cm

Media: Oil on Canvas

Creation Time: Unknown

Artist Wang Hui mainly engaged with oil painting creation, who also worked with gouache paintings and Chinese paintings. His portrait paintings are vivid and superb; his lyrical portraits and landscapes, still life paintings and other works mostly figurative imagery with ingenious blend of performance practices and rich beautiful colors, thus created a variety of mysterious, hazy, elegant and artistic atmosphere and rich oriental romance, emit strong artistic charms, viewing those painting you will fall into a dream realm, and causing limitless thoughts and reveries.

About Artist Wang Hui:

Mr. Wang Hui, who was born in 1943, graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 1959, and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1968, taught by internationally renowned artist Wu Guanzhong and other famous art professors.

Artist Wang Hui has engaged in painting creation for more than 40 years, he has created a large number of paintings, have been selected too participate a dozen of national and international large-scale exhibitions, and have won several awards. Artworks created by artist Wang Hui have been in showed or collected in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and more than ten countries and regions.

Held exhibition at the Art Museum of China in 1993;
Held art exhibitions in India and Indonesia for several times during 1994 to 1997;
Held an art exhibitions in the United States in 1999.

Representative works:

Oil painting “Five Milestones”, “Sending Book” “Morning of Life,” “Moonlit Night on Spring River” “Heart Torrent • Ba Jin”, “Crystal Heart • Bing Xin” ,”State President Liu Shaoqi”, etc., most of them have been collected by famous museums and collectors in home and abroad.

* Original Source: Contemporary Chinese Artist Wang Hui Oil Painting Art Appreciation

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