Contemporary Chinese Artist Cai Liang Oil Painting Art Appreciation — Zang’s Drama Actress

Artist Cai Liang People Oil Painting Work Appreciation – Zang’s Drama Actress

Painting Title: Zang Drama Actress

Artist: Cai Liang (China)

Painting Size: 60*90cm

Media: Oil on Canvas

Creation Time: 1995

Cai Liang, is one of the first generation of artists in China that had been learning in the former Soviet Union and then returned to new China, who has gained great acchievements in the field of teaching Chinese oil painting.

Artist Cai Liang is most dept in the performance of the theme of revolutionary history of life of farmers of the Northwest Territories in China, his representative works “Yan’an Torch”, “lend accomodation” were collected and showed in the Chinese Revolutionary History Museum and the Art Museum of China, and has influenced the whole two generations of people greatly.

About Artist Cai Liang:

Mr. Cai Liang, who was born in Sep.1392 and died in August, 1995, and was adept at oil painting creation.

Artist Cai Liang was graduated from the painting department at the Central Fine Arts Academy in 1953, and graduated from the PD class at the same college, who had been engaged in artwork creation at the Shan’xi branch of China Artists Association and Shanxi Culture Bureau, and been acted as professor at the Zhejiang Fine Arts Institute.

Representative works:

“Borrow an Accomodation”, “A Yangko Team come to the Jujube Garden”, “Danqing Career” , “Yan’an Torches” (collected by China Revolution Museum” “Poor Farmer’s Son”(collected by China Fine Arts Gallery); “Three Main Forces of Red Army Join Force”(collected by China People Revolution Military Museum”

Main Exhibitions:

1964: National Fine Arts Exhibition for the 15th Anniversary of the Founding of Our Country;
1972 & 1974: National Fine Arts Exhibition
1978: National Bi-Celebration Exhibition;
1979: National Fine Arts Exhibition for the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of Our Country;
1984: National Fine Arts Exhibition for the 305h Anniversary of the Founding of Our Country;
1987: The 1st National Oil Painting Art Exhibition;
1993: The 2nd Oil Painting Art Exhibition;
and so on;

Collection Records:

China Revolution Military Museum (4 paintings);
China Fine Art Gallery (9 paintings);
Yan’an Revolution Memorial Museum;
Ning-xia Museum;
Yan’cheng The New Fourth Army Memorial Museum;

Guangdong Hu’men Opium Warm Memorial Museum

and so on.

“Cai Liang people oil paintings Sketches” “Oil Painting Portrait Selection” ;”Pencil Sketch and Colors Induction” “Cai Liang & Zhang Zining Oil painting Selection” ; “ Cai Liang Artworks Collection” and so on.

* Original resource:Contemporary Chinese Artist Cai Liang Oil Painting Art Appreciation — Zang’s Drama Actress

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