Contemporary Chinese Artist Du Hao Oil Painting Art Appreciation – Still Spring

Artist Du Hao Animal Oil Painting Work Appreciation –Still Spring

Painting Title: Still Spring

Artist: Du Hao (China)

Painting Size: 150*120cm

Media: Oil on Canvas

Creation Time: 2008

About Artist Du Hao:

There are many genius and masters of tiger paintings in Chinese history, contemporary artists of Chinese painging Liu Kui-Ling and Liu Jiyou(father and son), artist Hu Shuang-an, He Xiang-ning, whose artworks of Chinese traditional gongbi drawing or Chinese paintings all have their own characteristics, especially Chinese modern artist Feng Dazhong, whose meticulous-style tiger has acchieve to a top grade, and have stunning much.

However, there was no precedents on tiger oil paintings in China, so there’s no inheritance and learn artists can learn from, only to discover and create from the real lige. Artist Du Hao’s tiger oil paintings are also “meticulous”-style, but its “Silky brush” is different from the traditional Chinese paintings, no matter how fine the sillky hair in Chinese paintings, how much the number of rendering times are, it can also be too flat and thin, while Du Hao’s Tiger oil painting not only has absolutely fine silky hair, but also has painted a “velvet beep” vividly, you can imagine how difficult it was.

About Artist Du Hao:

Mr. Du Hao, who was come from Jinzhou city, Liaoning province, China, and was graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 1984.

Now Artist Du Hao is one of staff painters of Beijing Chinese Painting Seminar, director of the Manchurian Tiger Oil Painting Art Studio’, who has specializing in the study and creation of the Manchurian tiger oil painting for 20 years, and has achieve great attainments on tiger oil painting, and also known as “The No.1 of Chinese Tiger Oil Painting”.

Du Hao’s tiger oil painting works were appreciated much for its unique reative originality, sophisticated design, accurate skillful techniques and vivid images, with strong visual impact and aesthetic sense, his works have abtained highly praise from experts in the art cycle. and many his works have been chosen to participate varied domestic and foreign exhibitions, also have won great favors of many art collectors, his artworks have high collection value and appreciation value.

* Original resource: Contemporary Chinese Artist Du Hao Oil Painting Art Appreciation – Still Spring

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